Our breeding program is founded on a combination of the most sought after

Razors Edge
Just to name a few.

This combination is what the world calls:

 Our kennel offers the most unique & exclusive puppies & pedigrees to those who demand the best. At Shockerline we hold true the saying you get what you pay for and have invested in the the best pitbull terriers money can buy and combined the greatest looking pitbull lines to bring you the consumer the best A.P.B.T's in the world.

Shocker Line pit bulls is located in the beautiful country side of Northern Michigan.  Our pits have immediate access to 10 acres of wooded terrain that offers both flat lands to roam & hill sides to climb.  Our property is surrounded by hundreds of acres of undisturbed state protected forests, of which, our pitbulls are frequent visitors.  Our kennel prides itself on the fact that we are able to provide each & every one of our pits with limitless room to grow & develop both physically & mentally....................and it shows.

Our ultimate goal is to produce puppies that are both authentic show stoppers & foundation breeding stock. The pitbulls we produce will be come fully loaded with shredded muscle, chiseled heads, and massive bone and structure.  To accomplish this goal we enlisted the help of both Iron Cross & Royal Blue Generations blood.  For those of you who don't know, these are two of the most ground breaking & respected bloodlines in the XXL blue pit bull game.  Basically, we are combining the two lines to create some of the biggest blue pits on the face of the Earth and in turn creating our very own "Shocker Line Pit Bull"  Our starting line-up is directly descended from the most famous XXL pits known to man.
Pits like RBG "King Lion" (Our boy King Deacon's sire) who is famous for producing the biggest male pits in the galaxy!
(check out Bully Blue's "Azul" or I.C.K.'s "Disciple")
King Lion is also at stud for $25,000 which shows how valuable the bloods producing power is.

Pits like I.C.K.'s  "Q-Ball"(RIP) who currently holds down the crown for her consistency in out producing herself.
(usually by adding 30 lbs to the males she bred to)
Dame to our very own Mako,Tesla,and Rogue.
These are 3 of the four pups from her last litter ever produced!

Pits like I.C.K.'s Iron Tyson(RIP) who was famous for producing females larger than himself!
(just check out I.C.K.'s "Iron Maiden")
 (Tyson is Grand sire to our girl "Mayhem")
Iron Maiden is dame to our girl "Mayhem" who is a genetically super sized version of "Maiden"

Pits like  Disciple, O.G. Glock, Osiris, & Mazeratti..........pits with a pedigree that was created through generation upon generation of selective  breeding.  We own at least one dog from each of these pitbull superstars named !!
Putting these offspring together is sure to produce clones of these incredible Pit Bulls.

If your looking for that pitbull that WILL be the envy of of your town look no further.

My wife Nicole and daughter with one of our pups.


Older lines like

 Our goal is to produce Pit Bill Terriers of maximum size! Bred for temperament, correctness, extra large bone, well-proportioned structure, height, super wide chests, superior muscle, and a huge blocky headpiece,  

If your looking for a short, unathletic, bulldog pitbulls look elswhere. We only breed for XL style pit bulls with correct structure.

 Our dogs will not be sold to any person with any intentions of using the dog for any kind of fighting or any other illegal purposes. Together all APBT terrier lovers can make a difference on how our wonderful breed is seen by people and fight breed specific legislation .

Blue nose puppies for sale !


Beware puppy shoppers: Many of the other kennels out there are posting bogus stats on there dogs in order to sell pups. Some others are even going as far to cross breed some of the other larger and similar breeds like the cane corso or presa canario to there pit bulls to produce that "monster pitbull". Just remember if it sounds to good to be true it just might be. Shockerline will never post fake stats to encourage sales, no expense has been spared with our dogs to bring you a complete and 100% American pitbull terrier. In short BEWARE! There are a lot of bad breeders out there. Do your research

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